Work with Ailia

"I love helping people discover how much they're capable of." - Ailia Mira

Success breeds success. The more steady your progress the more confident you become. The more you discover how to expand and shift beyond prior limits and experience new results, the more you will give allow yourself to have in life. Coaching is a proven way to liberate ourselves and tap into dormant abilities with guidance and support. In a skillful coaching relationship you will create more of what matters to you, shift your understanding, expand your capacities and experience more satisfaction and joy. Ailia is available to coach/mentor ongoing learners who want to enhance their life/work. A common result of coaching is getting better results and understanding how you did it, so you can repeat it! Coaching can give you proven, practical approaches to living so you can access the innate powers that are yours with confidence, and a feeling of support. You can expect both warmth and humor in our coaching collaboration, as well as your own rise of enthusiasm as you feel more powerful, clear, capable and free.

Choosing a coach

Coaching is a collaboration. For you to succeed in getting different results with a coach, you need to be open and willing to change. Look for a coach with demonstrated ability to create experiences you aim to have, as well as the proven ability to listen, explain, encourage, motivate and communicate. Choose coaching based on resonance - your inner sense that a specific person/program of coaching feels right for you. 

Wholeness as Experience - personal Coaching

Ailia brings to her one-on-one coaching sessions her non-physical team and a grounded awareness of the unique challenges in living a life of freedom and beyond limits and lack, while embodied. Ailia sees you as whole and believes you can live that wholeness even if you've not experienced that as normal or natural yet, or consistently. In her sessions, Ailia provides practical feedback, support and demonstrations in response to the individual energies and momentums you are experiencing. Exceptionally quick in seeing existing patterns and structures, she can guide you in ways that shift your consciousness and help you create new momentums. Significant shifts can take place in your life, right now. Direct transmissions of energy and demonstrations of new momentums will be given in any session. (available starting in March, 2018)

for Conscious Channels

Are you a practicing channel and would like mentoring to develop your work? Would you like to channel more specifics? With more clarity? Have a more steady and reliable connection? Feel more clear, confident and certain in channeling for yourself or others? Ailia is available for Mentoring to Conscious Channels. These sessions are highly practical, with concrete guidance for application and the chance to review existing work in the session (channeled written messages submitted before session by client).


Do you have an online business and would like coaching, assistance with strategy or mentoring? Would you like feedback on your website, the energy of your communication? Do you need ideas for creating new offers and pricing and packaging your service? Would it help you to have someone coach you in taking things to the next level? Are you uncertain how to get better results? Would you like to feel more clear and confident in sharing your gifts? Ailia's works with Solopreneurs/Online business owners is distinguished by practical strategies informed and elevated by vibrational insight and multidimensional awareness.